The September Issue

On August 28, 2009 in New York City, Anna Wintour will be featured in the movie The September Issue (of course I’ll be back at school by then, boooooo!). If you’re in L.A. you’ll be able to catch it September 11, as well as a few other cities. I doubt it will be coming to Tally so I may have to bootleg it! (JK!) But this is definitely something I am really excited about seeing. Growing up I always loved Vogue, definitely one of my favorite magazines, and always respected Anna Wintour for her accomplishments and fashion savvy-ness (so just think of how I acted when I saw her in the cafe one day in my building! ahhhh kid in a candy shop).
For those who may not know, the September issue of any fashion magazine is always the biggest issue of the year. It features a lot of fashion news, trends and interesting articles any fashion forward girl (or guy) would love. This past week I actually closed my first monthly issue at the fashion magazine I work at, which happens to be the September issue. Let’s just say, it was WILD! I was running around all day like a crazy person trying to get things done and helping others who needed to get things done as well. It’s definitely an exciting and stressful time of the year but it’s definitely worth it. Everyone (including myself) can get angry, frustrated and just ANNOYED by everything during this time so I’m really interested in seeing how Ms. Wintour handles herself in this flick. Here’s the trailer:



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