Nipple Pasties a New Trend?

So me and my editorial intern friend, Williette, always joke about wanting to see Rihanna walk out of a building here in NYC since it always seems she’s here and we’re nowhere to be found. But this past weekend, I’m not too sure if I would have wanted to see her walk out of anywhere. Rihanna was spotted at Tao, a nightclub in Las Vegas, wearing nipple pasties instead of a shirt….? I am definitely one who absolutely LOVES Rihanna’s style but once again….?
And she doesn’t seem like the only one rockin this new trend either. Lady Gaga (who is fly as ever) wore pasties under a sheer shirt and Britney Spears wore them during her Circus tour. It seems like more effort to put on pasties then just wear a shirt, but whatever floats your boat. I definitely don’t think I’ll be wearing these anytime soon….

Rihanna's Nipple Pasties


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One response to “Nipple Pasties a New Trend?

  1. Chad

    You can get the pasties she has at, they have over 100 designs and style + free shipping.

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