Kanye’s LV’s

Kanye West released his new Louis Vuitton shoe’s this past week and in most places, they sold out FAST (sorry Carrington). I’m really not surprised though because they are HOT (I hope they come out in women’s or at least little boys lol). And I have to say I really do have soooo much respect for Kanye and the goals he wants to accomplish. Nothing bothers me more than celebrities who make clothing lines but have absolutely no talent, experience or passion for it. They are just looking for another way to make some money. But Kanye has taken it a step further to actually learn the insides of the business by first, interning with Louis Vuitton and now it is rumored he is interning with Gap to learn more about the business as well. In the fashion industry a lot of no talent celebrities and celebrities kids get to be apart of something many others work very hard for and it’s finally nice to see someone actually working for what they want. Good job Kanye. Now go tell Marc Jacob to make some more shoes so I can cop them joints 😉

Kanye's LVs

Prices Range From $700-$1140

Kanye's LVs

Go to http://ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com/2009/06/kanyes-kicks-for-louis-vuitton-styles.html to see exact prices and styles.


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