Atlanta “Blue Jeans Bandits”

There have been a NUMBER of robberies in Atlanta this past month and June that included robbers stealing literally millions of dollars in jeans. WOW. Well, this past week they finally arrested 11 suspects in the thefts, three adults and eight juveniles. Now that is a complete mess.

Stack of denimPhoto Credit: Marie Claire

My sister teaches in APS (Atlanta Public Schools) and she tells me how bad those kids are but damn, they are OC. They have hit over 70 retailers, including Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall and several other boutiques in the Atlanta area. The robbers would clean out the stores in one to three minutes stealing everything from jeans, sportswear and other items. And they definitely didn’t like the cheap stuff — they got many, many designer names. Not gonna lie, those are some really good thieves but is it really worth it? Maybe for the juvies because if they go to jail they’ll be out by 18, but the adults, who are charged with damage to property, felony obstruction, and theft by receiving, may be going away for a good minute. Well I hope they sold some and stashed the money away somewhere, at least to have it when they get out.



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