What’s With Celebrities and Their Faux Fashion Knowledge?

Like I’ve said before, one of the most annoying things to me is celebrities who try to venture into the fashion world without having one lick of fashion knowledge. I gave my props to Kanye because he is actually trying to learn the business inside and out while also doing his own thing as a rapper. But some of these lame celebrities need to keep at what they are here for — acting, singing, just standing there, whatever.

When The Fashion Show on Bravo first aired, which is hosted by Isaac Mizrahi (a great designer) and Kelly Rowland, my sister and I thought, why the hell is she hosting?? What’s her credibility?? And as I watched the show all she could really account for as her background was the fact that she attended fashion shows…? Okay, and?

But now, another non-fashion-forward-go-getter is trying to get in the fashion biz. Lindsay Lohan. Okay, I’m definitely not a Lindsay Lohan hater, I actually really like her and think she’s a great actress; keyword, actress. But I definitely don’t think I would ever want to listen to her about fashion. First she created a spray tanner, then leggings (please leave that to American Apparel they are doing a great job), and now her and her business partner Kristi Kaylor are creating a production company, Unforgettable Productions. They are supposedly making a show called Faux Real which is suppose to be somewhat like Entourage but with a fashion spin. Come on.

No doubt would I watch the show just to see what it’s about but I wish that everyone would stay in their fields unless they:
                              A) have some background knowledge
                              B) have a keen sense of style, or
                              C) could just dress!

Not gonna lie though, if Rihanna, Teyana Taylor or Lady Gaga made a show, I might not be that mad 🙂

What do you think..Do you watch these celebrity fashion shows? Do you even consider celebrities when it comes to fashion?

Lindsay Lohan


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One response to “What’s With Celebrities and Their Faux Fashion Knowledge?

  1. Tee

    Well…I think you already know how I feel lol

    I think that there are celebs who have a keen fashion sense and those who have made some cute fashion items. I also think that because of their accessibility they are able to afford, or be “gifted”, things that many can’t…Buuttt, behind most big celebs is great stylist, which is a wonderful thing to have! 🙂 (There are some exceptions of course)

    It’s not hard to put together a nice outfit with an unlimited budget…do it on a tight budget and without all the big labels then i’ll be impressed 😉

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