Ciara Impersonates Rihanna


Photo Credit: NY Mag

Photo Credit: NY Mag



Not really, but it kind of seems like she is. Everyone seems to be cutting their hair recently. Not only cutting it but shaving half of it off as well. These ladies are crazy. But I guess you can do that when you have a lot of money and can get extensions put on if you really wanted to. Whatever the case may be, I appreciate what God gave me and I think I’ll just leave it be. However I do like Ciara’s hair,  I think it’s cute. But she’s borderline looking like Rihanna right now…hmmmm. What do you think of Ciara’s new ‘do’?


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One response to “Ciara Impersonates Rihanna

  1. Jo-Ann

    I think Ciara needs to find her own identity! When she first appeared on the scene she had light brown hair then she switched it up and ended up looking like Aaliyah (RIP)…now she’s looking like Rhianna (who I love!)…Kheri Hilson has short hair but looks like an individual, Keyshia Cole is doing her own thing….its possible to look different and make a statement she just needs to find out what that is.

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