Black Barbie In Vogue Italia




Despite the recession, Barbie is having a great year (wish I could say that for the rest of us lol). She turned 50 and kicked off her birthday this year by premiering at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2009, wearing 50 looks by 50 different designers; some being Alexander Wang, Betsey Johnson, Diane von Frustenberg, Michael Kors and Rachel Roy who all created something special for Barbie to wear for her birthday and highlighted the progression of Barbie over the past 50 years.

Even better news for the woman we all loved growing up, she’s now going to be featured in Vogue Italia, the Black Issue this upcoming year. Last year Vogue Italia featured models like Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn for this issue to highlight black heritage but because of Barbie’s iconic birthday, they decided to do something more creative. I think this is great because of the portrayal of diversity in the fashion world and how far our society has come. (I wonder why America has never tapped into this, especially since we are labeled the “mixing bowl”?) 

The first black doll made by Matell was created in 1967 and was later followed by the first “Black Barbie” in 1980. She started off as a friend of Barbie named Francie and eventually got her own identity. This fall Matell will have a collection of black Barbie dolls called the “So In Style” dolls which will portray the dolls with more black authentic features such as a wider nose, fuller lips and curly hair. 

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, stated “Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie.”

Ms. Wintour, you might wanna catch up to Italia, they’re doing big things across seas.











P.S. Rihanna is said to be the cover of a future Vogue Italia and that’s supposedly why she cut her hair. Can’t wait to see how that all plays out…stay tuned 🙂



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3 responses to “Black Barbie In Vogue Italia

  1. MsPlaya

    Where can I buy this issue?

  2. ashes

    I’m not sure if you can buy it in the US but you can find it on’s pretty pricey though =\

  3. Very good post. I’ve found your site via Google and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your articles. Btw your sites layout is really broken on the Kmelon browser. Would be cool if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the great work!

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